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A full suite of augmented aerial and marine surveys to bring you optimal data with minimal impact.
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About Us

Ondine is an Irish company dedicated to servicing the marine and aerial survey needs of the Offshore Renewable Energy Sector. Ondine is specifically focused on providing the entire spread of surveys required, to meet the needs of developers. Delivering these services with a sustainable, low-impact, environmentally friendly approach.

To achieve this, Ondine has acquired marine and aerial assets and brought together an extremely experienced and professional team of personnel. Ondine is specifically focused on delivering low impact surveys and has such purchased and partnered on equipment designed to deliver superior data quality specific to offshore survey requirements.

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Ondine has integrated the management of all survey aspects and optimised the output of data using AI and machine learning. Ensuring that the final product delivered not only exceeds client needs but also meets the requirements of the licencing authority, ORE designers and stakeholders.

Ondine is a complete turnkey solution from survey design to field execution and reporting.




Ondine’s turn-key offering, works alongside ORE developers to aid project delivery, planning, overall risk reduction in terms of both safety and commercials. From sky to seabed.





Ondine recognises the power of nature and all that it encompasses. Our partnerships allow us to provide the range of skillsets required to make ORE projects a reality.





Ground truthing, avoiding costly risk and amendments to your ORE development. A single core sample offers a lifetime of accurate information, dissipating any assumptions.

‘It is imperative that ORE developers utilise the most appropriate survey tools and technologies to fully understand and answer integral questions relevant to their site. Ondine is the solution.’

Kate Dempsey, CEO

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