Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Kate Dempsey

As we explore the depths of our oceans, Ondine embodies a commitment to understanding and preserving our marine world. Embracing change, we navigate these waters, fostering an environment where our evolving insights steer us towards an improved future.

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Marine Superintendent

Cian Swanton

I thoroughly enjoy my job due to its diverse nature. The daily variations keep things engaging as I never quite know what to expect next. Working with vessels and overseeing their management is particularly appealing to me. It’s a field that aligns with my interests, and being involved in these operations brings me considerable satisfaction. Additionally, being part of Ondine is a fantastic experience, as it’s a great company with exceptional individuals who contribute to its success. Overall, the combination of diversity and unpredictability makes my job highly enjoyable within this excellent company, all while working towards a greener more environmentally sustainable marine survey industry.

QHSE Manager

John Winder

It’s a natural human instinct to resist change, I mean why would you want to change if things are going ok? The reality is that the longer a process goes without change then the feeling of being satisfied is just an illusion, we should not accept things just being ok, we need to continually improve on what we do and how we do it.

HR Coordinator

Claire Hargreaves

We actively engage with people so that they are informed ensuring that any decisions are made with the best possible understanding of the situation. We support people when they have the courage to speak up so that we can continually improve on what we do. We look to every individual to display leadership qualities whilst maintaining integrity and respect for each other. We want people who are committed and have passion and pride for what they do and how they operate.

Executive Administrator

Hollie Cranny

The nature of survey work means that we are always on the move, and one of the keys to our success is the ability of the Ondine team to quickly build relationships in the communities where we operate. For everything to go smoothly out at sea we need that solid foundation of support on land, and not just from us in the office. My favourite aspect of what I do is reaching out to people in the area, and finding local businesses or tradespeople to give us on the ground support as we carry out our projects.

QHSE Advisor

Iain Rusk

At Ondine, we view change not as a disruption but as an opportunity for growth and improvement. Our leadership team actively supports and guides our employees through change initiatives, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development. We invest in training programs that equip our workforce with the skills needed to thrive in evolving landscapes.

Master Mariner

Capt. E. Murphy

Having worked within the maritime industry for over 25 years, I have seen how it has constantly evolved and changed. At Ondine there is a strong healthy safety culture which is founded on a sense of continuous improvement and accountability. Embracing the unlimited possibilities and potential in the waters of our shores to help secure a greener and more sustainable future.