Ondine’s Geophysical Department is home to a group of survey specialists with decades of combined extensive worldwide survey experience. Ondine owns and operates a growing fleet of specifically designed and modified survey vessels, capable of delivering world-class data and providing full control across survey planning.

Ondine is home to a diverse range of survey technologies to fulfil all offshore geophysical requirements, including: sub-bottom profiling, side-scan sonar, multibeam echo sounder, UHRS, magnetometer, UXO and more. Our offshore team provide onboard expert data interpretation and operational reporting, embedded in our single mobilisation strategy and are supported by our onshore base. Ondine is focused on delivering high quality data and client satisfaction.

Service offerings:

  • Hydrographic Surveys nearshore and offshore
  • Multibeam Echo Sounder Surveys including backscatter and water column data
  • Side Scan Sonar and Sub Bottom Profile Surveys – including optional integration of environmental and shallow geotechnical capabilities
  • UXO surveys
  • Ultra-High Resolution Seismic Surveys
  • Project planning, management, and integration. Data processing, interpretation, analysis, and reporting
  • GIS and mapping services