Ondine’s cutting edge geotechnical offering allows works to be completed within both nearshore and offshore environments. Ondine owns and utilises state-of-the-art equipment, offering its clients sampling solutions, borehole drilling capabilities and geotechnical testing to assess ground condition suitability for your development plans.  

Ondine offers its clients seabed and subsoil sampling solutions, Cone Penetrometer Testing (PCPT) and borehole drilling capabilities; inclusive of preliminary geotechnical testing in-field. Equipment specifically selected to offer maximum data with minimal environmental impact.

Ondine has collaborated with Benthic, developers of PROD – Portable Remotely Operated Drill. Ondine have obtained exclusivity of PROD technologies within the Irish jurisdiction. The world’s most innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly subsea drilling system. Benthic are the world-leaders in offshore subsea geotechnics. Aligning with Ondine’s ethos of best-in-class data, Benthic has a renowned track record globally.

Ondine is excited to be part of this working relationship, debuting this partnership with Benthic’s new PROD5 system in 2023 – changing the way geotechnical surveys are completed within the offshore renewables market to date.

Seafloor Drilling Operations | Benthic | Geotechnical

Services include: 

  • Seabed sampling: Rotary Coring / Vibrocoring / Piston Sampling / Grab and Box Coring 
  • In situ-testing: PCPT / BPT / Seismic PCPT  
  • Survey planning, acquisition and management 
  • Advanced testing programme scheduling and organisation